Impactful Offsite Series

Radicle at
Finca Chiratal, Tenerife

Sally Lloyd, Operations Lead, and Becca Creamer, Events and Community Leadwork within the Radicle Foundation in Switzerland.

Quick biography:

Established in 2020, Radicle Foundation is a Swiss non-profit foundation with the purpose of supporting projects and people developing resilient, non-extractive peer-to-peer technologies that promote Internet freedom. The technologies it is currently supporting include Radicle, a peer-to-peer code collaboration stack for decentralized communities, and Drips, a social funding network for dripping funds to creators. The operational arm of the Foundation has been funded by the RadicleDAO since September 2022.

"I’m so pleased we found WorkTripp when we did - they really saved us!"

The Big Picture

What were the main objectives for this offsite?
The Foundation was bringing together 18 members of their community from around the world, including the U.K, Germany, the U.S, and Switzerland. They wanted support to design a 3 day offsite programme, focused around cohesion among contributors, deeper shared knowledge of the DAO plans and the orgs which were hoping to be funded by it. It was also a celebration of all the community had achieved so far. Any offsite design needed to reflect the unique culture to Radicle, which is focussed on FOSS (free and open-source software) and a decentralised governance with its own language and approach. Crucially - it needed to not feel corporate in any way.

How did WorkTripp help?
WorkTripp listened carefully to understand Radicle's culture and to then reflect this back when recommending specialist MCs and hosts from the open-source world, as well as when designing and spacing the programme. On a practical level, WorkTripp were able to pick up and consolidate live conversations that we had already started with multiple suppliers, which saved us a mountain of time and stress. Organising on the island of Tenerife is a different experience to other parts of Europe, so having a trusted partner who could do this was crucial and meant that we could adapt to some last minute changes. WorkTripp also stepped in and supported us with the advance payment of suppliers and this also helped in terms of us paying one supplier - WorkTripp - vs. five or six suppliers each with their own invoicing approach. WorkTripp provided us an offsite programme design which we could edit and play with, which was hugely valuable to get us to our final destination.

What did you decide for your offsite in the end?
We stayed at the beautiful and wild Finca Chiratal. The owners Christophe and Anastasjia, are hugely passionate about working environment (Anastasjia is an architect), as well as the importance of wholesome food and being connected to a sense of place (check out Symbiosis living). Finca Chiratal gave us a brilliant, light and imaginative space to play with as our base on the island. We balanced each day with shared experiences (yoga, boat trips, kayaking, star gazing), as well as working sessions and workshops. Importantly, there was also downtime for people to decompress or naturally pick up conversations and work together without this being a structured activity.

How successful was your offsite? Did you meet your objectives? What were any aha! moments you had as a team or personally?

The feedback from the team was excellent. Our top-level objectives were all met and new community members got to meet each other for the first time. After the offsite there was a deeper understanding of the mission and what is coming up, and the community got to experience some really unique, shared experiences together. Going forward, we are excited to support more regional offsites and we have our WorkTripp accounts set up to start looking around Switzerland and Berlin TBC!

Thanks so much Sally and Becca.
No problem. Thank you!

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