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We want to create a legacy of every team experiencing enjoyable, productive work.

At WorkTripp our mission is to raise the value of your team offsites, so that you can retain and develop your top talent and high-performance culture.

Our unique perspective from the world of education, events and technology means we know the importance of shared experiences and social learning, as well as insights and impact.

Collectively, we have many decades worth of experience in community building and human-centred design. We have experienced remote work, crafted in-person events, won awards for our efforts, and felt the memory-sear of unique shared experiences.

Now we want to put together everything we have learnt in a scaleable way to help every team have access to the best of in-person and flexible working to the benefit of employees, companies and their special customers.

Meet our team, investors & advisors
We bring experience and insights from across HR, marketplaces and EdTech
  • Sophie Bailey,
    Co-Founder, WorkTripp

    Sophie is an award-winning B2B leader, building communities across global events and podcasts and now marketplaces. She is an advocate for flexible work and the importance of memorable collective experiences and on-demand learning. After seventeen years in the big smoke, she lives in Dartmoor National Park, and loves running, reading, and meeting people. She has a unique vantage point in EdTech. 

  • Sally Page,
    Co-Founder, WorkTripp

    Sally is an experienced leader of high-performing teams, and WorkTripp is the platform she wished she had! Previously VP of Content & Partnerships at Series-C ScaleUp Blinkist, and a Senior Director at Audible, she's used to connecting big thinkers - like non-fiction authors and coaches - with avid learners. At remote social enterprise, Hoxby, she helped businesses ensure they were fit for the future of work as MD of Futureproofing..

  • David Bainbridge, Advisor to WorkTripp

    The founder of KnowledgeMotion, David has deep experience in marketing and sales within corporates and bringing new media products to market. Previously, David was the CEO of Elvis Communications, the Launch CMO for Intel’s IPTV offering in the US, and was responsible for bringing the BBC iPlayer to market in the UK. He has sat on the Executive Boards of Freeview and Digital UK and was part of the original Channel 5 launch team. Two times exited founder.

  • Jamie Brooker,
    Advisor to WorkTripp

    Jamie is the co-founder of We Are Human. We Are Human’s most successful venture to date is Kahoot!, one of the world’s fastest-growing learning brands with over 8 billion(!!!) participants since launch. Jamie is Co-Founder and was Chief Creative Officer. Under his product leadership Kahoot! grew from a research project to a company that captured over half of US K-12 classrooms, as well as millions of business and social users.

  • Shona Marsh
    Advisor to WorkTripp

    An enterprising start-up builder, specialising in direct-to-market and digital platform launches. Translated, Shona has spent the past 7 years building start-ups and growing the business of one of the Silicon Valley unicorns, Airbnb (inc. building & selling a company to Airbnb). In this role, Shona grew the Airbnb Experiences business and host value in Northern Europe by 300%. She now sits on the board of Visit Scotland and is the Head of Education Programmes at CodeBase.

  • Salma de Graaff  
    Advisor to WorkTripp

    Salma de Graaff is the VP/CHRO at Skyscanner. She leads a team covering Talent Acquisition, Reward, HR Ops, Business Partnering and Leadership and Learning in all their operating countries globally. Salma is an internationally experienced HR Leader from a commercial background, with Tech Start-up and growth market experience. She specialises in designing and implementing Reward, L&D and Performance Management processes.

  • Tom Hall,
    Advisor to WorkTripp

    Tom serves as the General Manager, International for LEGO Education, where he oversees the international business and channel partners. Tom is passionate about the potential technology brings to business and learning, as well as the social and business impact of education.

  • Caroline Arora,
    Advisor to WorkTripp

    Caroline is the VP People and Culture and leads the Blinkist People team covering Talent Acquisition, People Operations, People Partnering and Culture and Community. More recently, Caroline created Blinkist's Coaching pathways programme which launched in 2022 to Blinkist's customers. Caroline has experience from banking, outsourcing and most recently start and scale ups across EMEA. Caroline lives in beautiful Barcelona.

  • Aly King-Smith
    Advisor to WorkTripp

    Aly is an entrepreneurial B2B leader and Executive Coach with 20+ years' experience creating effective behavioural and culture change within organisations of every shape and size. A specialist in curating high-calibre coach, facilitation and speaker teams for global clients, Aly works mostly now in that crunchy moment, as scale-ups scale up. Aly is MD of Clearworks, a specialist leadership consultancy in STEM, and host of A Listening Life, building and mentoring coach communities to grow professionally, in their potentially lonely, freelance world.

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